Vagaru is a paradise where you are surrounded by English every day

Welcome to Vagaru!

Do you want to enjoy speaking English fluently, but struggle when it comes to practicing regularly?

Would you like to receive ready-made, interesting materials adjusted to your learning level daily?

Is it hard for you to find somebody to talk with in English?

Are you afraid to speak because you make mistakes?

Have you tried different methods, but keep searching for something that will finally work?

Do you not have enough time to learn?

Vagaru is an island paradise where you will not only learn English in a natural way, but, more importantly, you will change your life for the better! Here, you can find all the tools that help you to get closer to your English goals every day. We hand you everything you need on a silver platter :) You will also meet real people here: #vagarugang community.

What will you get from Vagaru?

Motivation to act

Ready-made learning plan

Every day, you will really enjoy learning from authentic video materials and engaging exercises.

Confidence to speak

Daily webinars

You will get over 40 online conversations each month with native speakers and other Vagaru users who want to speak English fluently just like you :)

Writing with ease

Writing skills

Would you like to get a message in a bottle from an island paradise? :) On Vagaru you will receive such messages with corrections of your writing!

Learning satisfaction

Grammar learned differently

You will see for yourself that learning grammar using real life examples (rather than by heart) brings spectacular results.

Sense of control

Repetition system

Access to your learning history and webinars combined with frequent revisions will let you put everything you learn into practice.

New friends

Vagaru Community

Moments of doubt? Questions? Every day, you can count on the support from the active and friendly Vagaru community, #vagarugang.

When can you start?

Vagaru is not another course to complete. This is your new lifestyle and approach to learning.

You can start whenever you like

You are learning right here and right now. You can start today no matter what your level is.

You are never behind schedule

There are no tests and no grades. Learning English is on an ongoing basis, in a natural and pleasurable way.

You can learn whenever and wherever you like

Take Vagaru wherever you go and use it on any device.

What others say about us…

Great idea

„I really like Vagaru, you had a great idea. Congratulations. Everything is given on a silver platter. When I tried to learn on my own, I was looking all the time for other things to do, only to avoid learning. Now, I am so wrapped up in learning on Vagaru that I forget about the whole world.”


I love Vagaru :)

„I love Vagaru :) Finally, there is progress in my learning. New words easily get into my head and stay there. When I spend one hour a day on Vagaru, time really flies :)

I’m addicted to Vagaru :)”


Feel like flying :)

„The whole website deserves the highest appreciation :) :) :) Oh my God, after 4 years of taking a break from learning English, I feel like flying... My dreams are coming true again :) :) And my dream is to speak English fluently :) :) Aggie, you gave me something which is like a prince on a white horse :) :) :) I really appreciate it and I am extremely grateful :) :)”


This place is wonderful

„I discovered your Island a long time ago, but I did not know how to „get down” to it. Today, I decided to register and I could not tear myself away from your website! :) This is a wonderful place that you’ve created. It gave me a huge kick of motivation. I have never seen such a friendly place to learn.”


Good news!

You can have it all for only $39 a month, with new learning activities every day

Satisfaction guaranteed. If Vagaru does not meet your expectations in 30 days, we will return your money. Your satisfaction and progress are all that matter to us!

Aggie i Kamil

If anyone has ever told you that you don’t have a talent for languages, they were very wrong! You are reading this text in English and you understand it, don’t you?

Regardless of what other people say, regardless of one’s grades in school, anybody CAN learn English if they really want to.

You do not need to search for learning materials or motivation on your own. We will tell you exactly what to do. Our mission is to help you discover effective learning methods and break any barriers you may experience when speaking English, and, consequently, change your life for the better. We will support you during the whole learning process.

Aggie & Kamil